Book Review Friday: The Sicilian’s Marriage Arrangement by Lucy Monroe

Please welcome guest blogger Nikki Brandyberry! Nikki is an avid reader and fellow blogger. She juggles all things and still makes me laugh. Today, she is reviewing a fabulous title: The Sicilian’s Marriage Arrangement, by Lucy Monroe. Nikki loves romance, more specifically paranormal romance, but Lucy Monroe is a favorite of hers and because I am lacking in the romance reading, Nikki has graciously shared her review with me today!

The Sicilian’s Marriage Arrangement by Lucy Monroe

Hope Bishop is used to being alone. Raised by nannies that never stuck around long and in the distant shadow of her wealthy grandfather. She has acclimated herself to the sidelines. She is even happy there. Then she meets Luciano di Valerio, a wealthy Sicilian businessman working with her grandfather. Tall, dark and insanely gorgeous, Luciano awakens feelings in Hope she wasn’t sure even exsisted outside of movies and romance novels. When they have a chance embrace at a New Years party, Hope is sure she will never recover. Thinking he was saving her from embarrassment, Luciano disappears. Hope, however, ends up having to deal with the perception that she threw herself at a wealthy businessman in a desperate plea for attention. In a room full of high class, rude and ruthless people, Hope flees to retreat back to her world.

Luciano is a proud Sicilian. Born and raised in Italy gives him a strong family background and pride in his heritage. When his family’s company is threatened by Hope’s grandfather he is left no choice but to bend to his will. The old man wants a husband for his wallflower grandaughter. Luciano does not see Hope this way, he only sees the gorgeous woman he shared a kiss with on New Years Eve. Showing weakness is not in his nature, but to save his families long standing company, he will do just about anything, even marry. He questions if Hope is in on the scheme, and how he can be expected to love someone capable of such dirty deals.

Months after their encounter Luciano shows up in Hope’s life again. After a whirlwind few days he proposes. Hope can’t fathom why Luciano is so set on marrying her, but she agrees. They quickly get married and while their embraces set them on fire, there is a wall that Luciano refuses to take down. Hope tries to be a good wife and with each passing day she falls deeper in love with her husband, that is a virtual stranger outside of the bedroom. When Hope discovers he married her as part of a business deal she is devastated. Breaking down Luciano’s wall is something Hope will have to figure out if their marriage is to survive. Love will truly have to conquer all.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this read. It is a fairly short book with just under 200 pages, so once I got in, I read it straight through to the end. The characters are extremely likeable and easy to relate to. I found Hope to be refreshing, though naive and Luciano to be dark and fiercely loyal. For the most part I tend to gravitate towards a more paranormal type romance book, but with Lucy I will make an exception. Her writing just draws a person in and sets them right down in the middle of a scene. If you love a good, quick romance book then I highly recommend you pick this one up! It will definitely speed up your rainy afternoon!

Nikki Brandyberry

Thanks Nikki for a great review! If you want to read more from Nikki, she keeps a personal blog at Ramblings from a Chaotic Mind.

If you are interested in learning more about the fabulous Lucy Monroe, check her out here: Lucy Monroe.

Thanks again to Nikki for sharing. Stop by to read more from Nikki, and check out Lucy’s newest novels too!

Happy Friday to all!

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