Book Review: Personal Demons by Lisa Desrochers

I just finished reading my first ever ARC copy of anything. A perfect first time experience it was. I read Personal Demons by Lisa Desrochers, and it was heavenly…or not. ;) That depends on whose side you’re on. Now, before I really get going, I must thank the fabulous blog Fiction Groupie. Those ladies rock hard and that is where I scored my copy of Personal Demons.

In Personal Demons, Desrochers spins a delicious tale of teenage love, turmoil, sin and salvation. You will love her MC, Frannie, from the moment you meet her, crushing on the new kid, Luc.

Luc, aka Lucifer, a minion of hell, has come to tag Frannie’s soul for the underworld. All he has to do it get her to sin. Lucky for him, he’s smokin’ hot, and utterly irresistable. Unlucky for him, Frannie’s a tough guy and I don’t just mean she knows some mean Judo. I mean, the girl has her own mind and she’ll not be swayed. If she’s hooking up with anyone, it will be right after she decides to and not a moment sooner.

Gabe, aka the angel Gabriel, also mucks things up for Luc. He’s there to keep and eye on things, and hopefully tag Frannie’s soul for Heaven.

Frannie’s torn between to irresistible choice, and while she’s teetering, Hell’s recruits arrive. Sadly, and wonderfully adn totally complicatingly, Luc has fallen in love with Fannie. Right. Love. He doesn’t recognize it at first, but it is undeniable and irrevocable. Frannie’s love changes things completely and changes Luc for ever.

The back story here is fantastic. Frannie struggles with her love choices, her friend drama, feelings of guilt over the loss of a sibling, and to top that off, she finds herself smack dab in the middle of a holy war. Demons, angels, and choice, Oh my! My fingers flew over the pages. I barely saw my kids yesterday. I made dinner holding this book open. That’s for reals. Sad. Didn’t care. Into it completely.

And the ending!!! Let’s just say that Ms. Desrocher has a future on my bookshelf. I hope the publisher made a deal for tons more books on this trifecta. *See me waving cash in the air* So, it’s so sad that I already have a contest going on for the next 2 weeks, but immediately after that you can bet your bookshelf that I’m giving this away. It will be in stores in September, but if you’re feeling lucky, you can win my ARC copy from me. I’ll put up the deets after the Donald Maass giveaway ends.

Thanks Lisa for giving me a little thrill with your novel and a a big hope. Aspiring authors really can get a book in the hands of readers. You did it! and Wow! You did it nice!!

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