2014 Love Is Murder Conference in Chicago February 7-9

LIMIt’s no secret I love a good conference. I attend as many as possible. There’s something about being surrounded by crime fiction readers and writers that makes me buzz with energy. Let me tell you, I have enough energy without the extra buzz. I get downright giddy and awkward at these things, but while my sweaty palms and antsy brain scream “RUN TO YOUR ROOM AND HIIIIIIDE!” The adrenaline propels me into the mix where I watch and eavesdrop and absorb every bit I can.

This month, I’m prepping for another trip to Chicago. I went there for ALA (the American Library Association annual event) in June, but it was a quick trip. We arrived on Friday afternoon, went to the venue, stayed till close, back to the hotel and crashed. Back to the venue in the morning, then drove home that evening. Needless to say, I didn’t see much of Chicago, but I did get stuck waiting for the bridges to go up and back down, which got my mind wandering since I was reading the Divergent series at the time.

I’m bunny trailing again.

*clears throat*

The Love is Murder conference is exciting to me for the obvious reasons, plus one more. I will finally meet the gorgeous and talented author/editor extraordinaire Jacqueline Mitchard. Jackie is the Editor in Charge over at Merit Press, my YA publisher for Deceived. She pulled my baby from the slush and gave this girl a chance to work with one of the best. I can’t wait to share an awkward hug with her. I’m slated to be on a YA panel with her, too. All good things. As a bonus, Hubsy is joining me…so…three days without kids? What? WHat? WHAT? Yep.

Here’s the info on Love is Murder. *Copied from the website Love is Murder.net*

“Love is Murder is the Midwest’s premier mystery/romantic suspense/thriller conference, drawing upwards of 300 readers, fans, authors and writers each year, with dozens LIM2of panel discussions, meet-and-greet book signings, presentations, exhibitors, book discussions, activities, entertainment, networking, and the opportunity to pitch manuscripts and ideas to Chicago- and NYC-based publishers, agents and editors.

It takes place in Chicago every February, Friday through Sunday during SuperBowl weekend.”

Hope I’ll see you there!

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