Alien-Vampire-Bunny? Shheyahhh

So you say you’re a writer. Then you should have a decent story on every topic, readily available, in your trusty, overactive imagination. Are you nodding profusely at your desk? OK, then you really are a writer. Now that we’ve established that, I have a contest for you. No, don’t worry, it’s not my contest. I found it. I am a regular stalker of Scott Eagen, who unfortunately leans towards the romance genre. We’ve already discussed at length my inability to handle romance beyond YA, so I just stalk him for fun. He’s a witty and wise fellow with roots where I want to be – in the publishing industry.

So this morning, Scott Eagen tells me ( and everyone else visiting his blog) that there is a contest coming. It’s called the “Alien-Vampire-Bunny-Contest.” It was established in 2009 and it begins in October. Click on the link to get all of the details.

To give you what you really want to know: The winner will receive critiques on two partial stories of the writer’s choice”

There you have it folks. An agent, critiquing TWO partials of your choice? I fainted. I’m sorry. Where was I?

OH yeah, so, check out the details and start planning. October will be here before you know it.

For those of you saying, “I write romance. Bummer,” or “I only writer sci-fi, chic lit, whatever…” The idea behind this is to find the real storytellers. Agents see talent. Hey, I’m pretty sure that alien-vampire-bunnies are crazy sexy, love wearing Manolos and in my opinion, they are pretty much sci-fi, if not, give them a jet pack or something, but enter!

For those of you who are no way in how going to enter: I will be begging for your votes in October. I’m working my angle now.

Good luck!

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