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Colby Denton, whose story, BIG FAT DISASTER, will be thrust into the limelight in March/April 2014, asked if she could introduce herself to UncommonYA readers. Colby told me that she’s had enough of hiding in the shadows, and she’d rather speak for herself. She says she’s been silent long enough.

I’m Colby Denton. I’m fifteen years old, and I live in Texas. I used to live in the Dallas area until my dad cheated on my mom and stole from his campaign and investment firm clients. He was a candidate for senate, running on a family values platform. . . The irony is not lost on me, either, so go ahead and laugh. I’ll join you.

The F.B.I. seized our house as evidence of Dad’s crimes, since he paid it off with stolen money. My mom, sisters, and I would be homeless if my dad’s sister, Leah, hadn’t offered to let us use an old mobile home that’s behind her house.

Now, I live in this little bitty town in East Texas called Piney Creek. This place is so tiny that K-12 grades are in the same school building. I wish there was no Internet here. If there weren’t, maybe what happened to me—that video of me dressing that showed up on Facebook. . . <em “mso-bidi-font-style:=”" normal”=”">man. Anybody got a Rewind button for my life?

I’ve been standing on stages, smiling, and waving at strangers for as long as I can remember, but the truth is, I hate the limelight with a passion, which is one reason that I don’t fit with my family. I mean, honestly, there are so many reasons I don’t fit in, at least a hundred of which are the extra pounds I carry, but hating the limelight is a biggie when your mom is a former Miss Texas.

I’ve always been pretty much alone, even when I was surrounded by people who wanted something from my parents. I’ve hidden behind a smile while rapid-fire thoughts seemed to be propelling me toward a binge, and I counted the moments until I could get behind closed doors with my Snack Stash to try to stop the feelings that felt as if they would swallow me whole.

When I found a photo of my dad kissing another woman, then found out about his crimes, I didn’t think my life could become more disastrous than it was.

Then, I moved to Piney Creek.

And the video happened.

And tragedy struck.

And there was no “Rewind” button for my life.

And. . .

Read my story to find out what happened.

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** This post first appeared 12/16/13 on UnCommon YA*

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