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Authors need to brand themselves. I mean, there are just so many of us! How’s a girl supposed to stand out from the ginormous, massive, hugeo crowd? Well, one way is to brand ourselves. We need to pick a theme, a scheme, a style, image, or a combination of that and make it synonymous with our name.

Hey, there’s always one more thing to do for an author in waiting. So, while we are flitting and traipsing, and rubbing virtual elbows all across the www, we need to leave a mark, a symbol, a brand – if you will. That’s pretty tricky when we’re still waiting to be published. Believe me – I know. For one thing, when I set up this site, it was mostly in response to an agent who said she LOVED my YA manuscript. She was turning it over to a reader group and I would hear back in a couple weeks. I was AMPED! (I’m still waiting to hear on that one). That book is called Witness Protection, and I played with a dozen ways to advertise it by way of my site. Well, it’s a good thing that I didn’t go all 007 on my blog cause it’s been a while and it’s still not agented. Meanwhile, a women’s fiction I wrote called Death by Chocolate has gotten an agent! Hooray! But, what’s a girl to do? Change my color scheme to brown and replace my dream fairytale pic with some cupcakes? Probably not. It hasn’t sold yet, and it needs its own site if it does.

When we brand ourselves, that’s what we’re doing – branding us. That means that our brand should follow us as we evolve and grow and hopefully publish many more books. I’m not saying, don’t brand the book. I’m saying, until you’re published, brand yourself.

SO, I was admiring the cute little avatars from my writer friends on twitter and I finally asked, “Hey, where did you get that super cute cartoony face lady?” The answer – Gravatar.

If you are not familiar, Gravatar is a service that allows you to choose an image and save it / associate it with your preferred email address, and then wherever you go online, your Gravatar follows.** Imagine.** I’m tickled. Now, when I post, or tweet or do that which I do, instead of my craptastic headshot, my button will appear in teeny-tiny size right beside my words.* LOVE*

I highly recommend this to writers, or anyone who is trying to make a web presence, brand themselves, or just standout from the crowd. Let’s face it, those cutey little avatars show much better than a picture shrunken to mosquito size.

Here’s how to get your own Gravatar – if you’re interested.

Hey, it’s a preference, but what a fabulous option, and way to bring your brand with you wherever you go. Like tiny drops of self promotion, easy advertising, and fun!

Now, go brand yourself.

4 comments to Brand Yourself – Gravatar Style

  • Erin Edwards

    Julie, This wasn’t showing up when you comment on your own blog before. Have you fixed that?

    I have found that my gravatar doesn’t follow me *everywhere* but I’ve yet to figure out when it does/doesn’t.

  • Yes! I am trying to figure this all out. Apparently she only follows me to wordpress sites, and it doesn’t go back and appear in posts made before I got her. Bummer, but at least as I respond on my site now, she will be here. Looking for the silver lining to this unruly little princess lol!

  • Valerie Haight

    YAY Julie!! Congrats on your agent success!!! That’s HUGE! Keep on truckin’ girl…you’re haulin some serious determination!

  • Julie Anne Lindsey

    Thanks Valerie! I’ve got determination in loads, hopefully I have enough talent can pass inspection LOL. We shall see.

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