Challenge Accepted

*Excited Face*

My YA suspense, currently titled Deceived, will release fall 2013 from Merit Press. I.Am.Stoked. I want readers to get as excited about this monumental (in my head) event as I am. Some may say this is an impossible mission. I say, Challenge Accepted.

Every YA novel *neeeeeds* a smoking awesome trailer so readers can see what’s coming. It’s like a sneak peek into my head. Be afraid. Be very afraid. It’s all cotton candy and serial killers in there. Seriously. You should read this paragraph one more time so you understand.

With this in mind, I opened Microsoft Movie Maker and started clicking! Best trailer ever – on it’s way. NOT. What I made in reality was a super fail. A giant train wreckage of Julie proportions. Awful. Like really bad. Some day, I’ll share so you can see how much I truly suck at this. Anyway. Suckage won’t do! Who’d get excited about suckage? Right? *Pervs: do NOT comment on this* Anyway- I needed help. LOTS of serious help. So, I called in the troops. I sent out the Bat Signal, Julie-style, to my Alma Mater. And guess what? I found Mass Media & Communication Studies, a feature film project and Electronic Media majors. Did you hear the heavenly choir sing? Cause I did.

Now, thanks to my sheer desperation and lack of pride whatsoever when it comes to asking for help, I have HELP! Like massive, awesome, I-can’t-BELIEVE-you-totally-said-YES! help.

And a trailer IS coming.

*wild applause from my living room*

I plan to follow the trailer progress from conception, to filming, to launch and blog about it for you. Readers love trailers and writers need trailers, so it’s a win-win-win. This is information I wished for. Now that I am set to gather it, I will share as I learn (by watching the professionals because I suck at the trailer-doing *please see above).

For those of you who want to see a few of my favorite book trailers, here are two:

The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer

Because it’s deeply dark and fabulous.

The Perfect Chemistry Rap Trailer

Because it’s completely awkward and totally hysterical. Plus I love Simone Elkeles – who wrote this rap bee-tee-dub

Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Killer

Because, well, duh

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