Confession: I Don’t Love My Cover.


TEST Art._DECEIVED_SL1000_I don’t love my cover. LOL. I don’t. I know. I’m a big jerk. No. Really, I’m very carefree. The cover-art-maker made this for my story. The cover-approvers approved it. So, I say “Huzzah!” It must be me. It must be just right. But, if I’m honest, I still think it’s weird. I’ve never seen anything like this cover, so there’s that. That’s good, right? Yep. Let’s roll with that. Let me start over. *clears throat*

Cover Love: Take 2
My cover is really unique. I’ve never seen anything like it. There are no people or images on the cover to give you an idea about what’s inside, but maybe that’s the beauty of this cover. I don’t know. I’m not an artist. Quite possibly, this is a brilliantly executed, understatement. I like the light blue on black. I’m not sure if those lines are supposed to be tree branches, lightning or brain synapses, but perhaps that’s another intriguing feature of the design. A mystery to unravel. A menacing edge.I guess my cover is open to interpretation.  I wonder what Stephenie Meyer thought when she saw Twilight’s original cover. Two hands and an apple. I bet she thought… “This is an apple. I didn’t write about an apple. What’s happening right now?” That’s kind of what I thought when I saw the cover for that title. See. Covers and I have a history of misunderstandings.

Personally, I might’ve found a picture of a girl running for her life, or standing casually while an ominous shadow rose behind her, but I do words, not art. I probably would’ve used typewriter font or letters ripped from magazines one at a time to hint at the danger, but this font works too. I call it the Scooby Doo font.

What do you guys think? DECEIVED is a suspense. It’s a mystery. It’s dangerous. Would you pick this book up from the shelf?


6 comments to Confession: I Don’t Love My Cover.

  • Ang

    I would pick it up because of the author — not because the cover is lacking. Suspense isn’t usually my thing, but I would read it because you wrote it, and I enjoyed your other works. :)

  • Ang

    Apparently, I need more coffee. My comment didn’t come out how I meant it. What I meant to say is that I don’t find the cover lacking, but I would grab the book because it is yours, regardless of the cover.

  • Julie Anne Lindsey

    Okay Ang, now I’m just smiling like a big dorker over here. Thank you :)

  • I tend not to like book covers with people on them, as there tends to be too much hilarity involved (The guys clearly meant to be love interests look like total creepers, etc.) I don’t know what the branch looking thingies are on the top of your cover (branches? frost rime? blood vessels?), but few enough books have solid colored covers like that, I’d pick it up to have a look inside.

  • A. Hurst

    I’ll be totally honest with you. I don’t like the cover either. The font is too playful, so I don’t feel ‘suspense’. To me, it looks like a YA Romance, even with the creepy tree vines. Also, the awkward change of fonts makes it look like something that wasn’t thrown together by a team, but by the writer (possibly) one night on their computer. I’m usually weary of covers like these.

    That said, I’m not trying to be harsh, but letting you know I don’t ‘get it’ either. However, every reader is different. :) I usually read contemporary or fantasy (sometimes sci-fi) so I’m used to the cover telling part of the story. I have no idea what to expect from the cover of ‘Deceived’.

  • I think the cover suggests mystery, but I understand your not loving it. BUT! It will be a great cover for the thumbnail in Amazon listings. The pity in today’s covers… the great looking ones that catch the eye on the shelf in a store don’t work on-line and vice-verse. So what can an author do?

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