Cover Reveal: Written on Her Heart

My next sweet romance is coming! I’m counting the days to my March release and am thrilled to have my ARC in hand and cover art to drool on. Of course I had to share it with you :)

Are you ready to swoon?

Here it comes….



Soooooooo pretty….*sigh*….



Written on Her Heart by Julie Anne Lindsey



Emma’s falling in love with a man she’s never met, or has she?  

Emma has her reasons not to fall in love, but fate has other plans. When she finds a journal near Honey Creek lake, she sneaks a peek at the words of a stranger, but finds the heart of a hero instead. Soon she’s savoring every word, opening her heart to the man inside and her mind to possibilities she gave up long ago.

 Across town, Nicholas is devastated at the loss of his grandfather’s journal, one he’s written in since he left for Iraq a decade ago. The thought of a stranger mocking his words, or worse, someone from Honey Creek knowing his most intimate trials…. If his journal falls into the wrong hands, humiliation is sure to follow.

But what if it fell into the right ones?


Coming March 2013



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