Deceived Cover Reveal: Another New Step in the Journey

TEST Art._DECEIVED_SL1000_Today I reached a new milestone. After lots of hurry-up and wait in my baby writing career, I’m experiencing many new things as an author these days. This one has been the most thrilling so far. FedEx delivered a box of ARC (Advanced Reader Copies) yesterday. ARCs are imperfect paperback versions of the book to come. Inside, there are typos and random other things which were caught on the final read through, but not yet corrected in these copies. This is because ARCs go out early. They don’t wait around. LOL. ARCs are directed in advance of release to journals and reviewers and even to other authors high on the ladder than me, in the quest for a kind review, favorable mention or perhaps a blurb for the cover.

This is that moment when an author realizes there is no going back. What happens now is out of my hands. My baby will soon be set free in the world and while I will do all I can to nurture it and spread the word, how it’s received by readers is utterly beyond my control and that is terrifying. There’s no reeling it in. No do over. No pretending it didn’t happen. If this novel flounders, flops and dies, I can only mourn and move on. And moving on isn’t as easy as it sounds. I mean, what press will want me after a failed release? What reader would pick me up again? Oh. Boy. These are the thoughts I can’t entertain. Or I will be battier than I already am. Instead, I shall hope, have faith and believe in this story. 

So, I’ve brought you with me this far, guys. From that life changing day a few years back when I first typed “how to write a book” in my search engine, to my first story in an anthology and every baby step since then. I’m putting it out there for you. Here it is. My journey from the slush to print. What do you think?

Available in September from Merit Press & F+W Media.

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