Decisions, Decisions…

There’s no more glorious feeling to a writer than typing those precious words THE END. I love it. I thrill over it. For me, putting those 80K down are the hardest. After that, the polishing and perfecting is the fun part.

Then, I have downtime. I marvel over my accomplishment, continue to pick at the work, preening it…but eventually, it’s done-done. And I’m here. The thrill of victory has passed. My house is clean after a couple days of no writing. My TBR pile is strikingly smaller. And my mind is craving. My fingers itching. I *neeeeeeds* to write again.

But what shall I write? I have an exciting new premise. I’ve sketched the outline. Ran the rough concept past a few people I go to for these things. Even began the research. But, should I start something new-new? Should I begin a sequel for something I have on submissions? Do I work edits on something my editor needs in a few months? Seems too soon for the last option…but it is under contract and feels more weighty. But it won’t take longer than a few days….I hate to start sequels on something still on subs, what if the press I adore doesn’t adore the first manuscript? Then I’ll have two. LOL.

So, I’m back to “Start the new project, Julie!” Problem with that is I know how all-encompassing it is to begin a new work. It’s hard, sleepless work. My personality is begging me to dive in, tell a new story, design a new romance. But my realistic mind is sounding a lot like my mother. Am I really ready for all that again so soon?

No. Probably not. But I have writing. The mental illness wherein I am word obsessed and won’t be able to resist for long. One more reason I love my blog. I get to think out loud and process the crazy. Yep. Looks like time to turn that new outline into an official WIP!


Thanks for helping me with that :)

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