Defining Ourselves as Writers

I’ve blogged before about my genre hopping habits. While I tend to read YA almost exclusively, I write in several genres. Some stories I’m dying to tell aren’t YA. What can I do about that? I write them. *Shrugs* But here’s the thing that’s in my face lately…if the YA doesn’t have some pink cheeks and chemistry brimming by page 25…I’m skimming. If I don’t see any by page 50, I put it down and move on. I like the romance.

So why don’t I read romance? I’m not into the sex scenes. Don’t get me wrong, they’re nice. Well written, steamy, exciting even…but I’m realizing I prefer the build up to the climax – literarily speaking. I like the meet cute. I become engrossed in the quick looks and butterfly thoughts. YA authors nail this. Probably why I read so much YA *epiphany moment*.

I write a little YA. I write a lot of sweet romances. I wrote a cozy mystery too…guess what, there was a lot of chemistry in there. *Imagine*. It’s fun to look at my writing and see the pretty pink thread tying all my ideas together, uniting them as uniquely mine, regardless of genre or theme. They all pulse with that I’m-falling-in-love heartbeat.

Since this is finally taking root in a real way inside my brain, I’m planning a series of posts on what I love, find interesting, enjoy most, etc about romance in reading and writing.

Tossing this out into the abyss … I am fully considering a move from blogging about my experiences as a writer (partially because I’m not sure I have anymore to offer) and gearing my posts toward all things lovely.

2 comments to Defining Ourselves as Writers

  • JULIE!!!!!!!!!!

    We all know EVERYTHING you write is golden, but Quinn STILL speaks to my heart. ;)
    He’s proof you write more than YA, are multi-talented and I’m still more than a little in love with him.

    Smiling for you big today. I miss my bestie!!


  • “the pretty pink thread tying all my ideas together” — that SO defines you! :)

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