Don’t Worry About Trends

I was fortunate enough to be tweeting when I saw a couple of literary agent interns offering up a session of #askintern. I have no idea why they weren’t bombarded, but it gave me the chance to ask a couple of things that were on my mind. Of the this-and-thats I picked up, there was one thing I saw retweeted again and again, thus sticking in my head until it forced me to write this post.

Don’t worry about the trends. By the very definition, trends are flighty-flakey-changing-things. Once you successful nail your Jello to the wall, then you may begin writing to the trend. It takes time to write a solid, error free, succinct manuscript. The trend you began writing in may be completely taboo by the time you begin to query it, and then where are you? Yes, this could be a result of happen-chance also, but there’s little to be done about that. We can choose to write from the heart and not just to suit a trend.

When you write from your passion, it will be a great manuscript. You will be the perfect cheerleader for it, and people will be drawn to it. I mean, your enthusiasm is a major player in your saleability.  Never underestimate enthusiasm.*high kick *spirit fingers*

The advice on #askintern was this “There will always been room for well-written books. Don’t worry about trends, you can’t control those”

Good writing never goes out of style. So, take your time. Write the stories that compel you. Perfect them and then pitch with gusto!

Leave the trends to sort themselves out.

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