Excerpt? Yes. Let’s.

I’m in the edit/promo/revision stage of chaos these days, and I am failing at blogging. Then I got this great idea. It just came to me like *poof*. An excerpt. Yes. Let’s do this! So, I pulled a little sneak-peek-snippet  from DECEIVED to share. Deceived is a YA suspense releasing in September from Merit Press. I hope you like to be teased!

DECEIVED by Julie Anne Lindsey

TEST Art._DECEIVED_SL1000_“Are you okay?” He looked much more dramatic than before. His eyes were too wide, perhaps with relief. The subdued expressions I’d grown used to had flared into what looked like barely tamped emotion.

“Yes. I was disemboweling pumpkins with a bunch of faculty and random citizens. You went to hunt a killer.” I suppressed the urge to laugh again. My nerves were stretched to the brink.

“I’m fine. You’re safe. We’re good.” He leaned across me and I completely stopped breathing. Pulling my seat belt back across my torso, he smiled.

“Thank you,” I whispered.

“It’s my job.”

The words were flat. My heart fell. “Your job.”

I turned my face away from him. The car didn’t move. I jumped when he touched my chin with one long finger.

“Chasing murderers is my job, Elle.” He narrowed his eyes when I turned to him. “Protecting you is much more than that. I told you. You’ve made it personal.” His voice grew tender. His expression tightened. “Even after you’ve gone to school in the fall and set up a new life for yourself, I’ll still be protecting you. Do you understand?” His eyes smoldered. My heart swelled at the words.

He shifted into gear, and we were gone.

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  • Kym Brunner - author of Wanted: Dead or In Love

    Oooh….steamy and intriguing! A perfect mix. Can’t wait to read this!

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