Feature Friday: Grin & Barrett by Ruth Hartman

Grin & Barrett by Ruth Hartman

Remmie Grin is a self-sufficient dentist who has her life right where she wants it.

That is, until handsome, flirty Dr. Victor Barrett moves in next door. He constantly bugs her about selling her practice to him—but she’s not budging.

How can she convince him to leave her alone when all she really wants him to do is kiss her again?

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A sweet romance with a feisty heroine. I’m a huge fan of feisty :) If you’re looking for a quick (under 200 pages) summer read to make you smile and remind you of all the fun and awkwardness you love about getting to know someone new…this is it. It’s adorable. And, I learned the author works in dentistry, so the details were spot on. Uber-super-cute story.

About the Author

Ruth J. Hartman is a romance author as well as a licensed dental hygienist. She writes sweet, humorous romance novels. Often times they revolve around dentistry, cats, or both. She lives in rural Indiana with her husband of 29 years, and two extremely spoiled, fat cats.

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