Happy Birthday to ME!

Today is my birthday. My favorite day of the summer. On this day every year, I take stock of my life. I ask myself how last year went for me, what will I change this year and what do I want to hold on to. This year, like so many other years since I met my husband, I’m feeling devilishly lucky. My life isn’t *perfect*…but for me, it’s pretty close. I married my best friend, who puts up with my many Julieisms. He makes me laugh, calms me down (often necessary) and he funds my life of writing and book buying and infinite cute shoes and dresses while I pursue my dream of being an author, raise our kids and type blog posts like this with lots of smileys and exclams!!!. (Sure, that’s totally what it all boils down too *not even close*). But a good summary of the highlights.

This year I was thankful to be forever finished with babies. My youngest just turned four and is officially a preshcooler. I will never again be pregnant, endure the “well baby” visits, invasive body checks, stretchmarks and self-loathing I associate with the process of gaining 80 pounds in 9 months over and over again. No more breast feeding and dealing with the idiots who find it offensive. No more diapers or potty training or 50 pound carseat/baby carriers or even five-point harnesses. Hey, they’re all potty trained and I don’t even gotta wipe any more tushies. I’m living the good life over here. LOL

I’ve made it to my late thirties, passed the mid point, and I’m feeling wonderful. (In my early twenties there were moments where making it this far seemed impossible. I was *cough* a little wild.) Anyway, here I am and I have a cool blog :) Awesome international friends, amazing Mid-Western family,home,  church and life. I want for absolutely nothing, aside from maybe a few things I can’t afford and wouldn’t likely spend the cash on if I had it in my hand anyway. Because I’m frugal like that. :)

This year, I hope to repeat a lot of last year. Spending time with the people I love. Making new friends. Going new places. And learning. I’m an insatiable learner. I don’t  even care what I learn as long as I didn’t know it yesterday and now I do. Honestly, I’m excited to see what this year holds. I’m certain it’s all wonderful, unicorns and rainbows. If it’s not, I’ll pretend. I like pretending. When you pretend, nothing ever goes wrong. If things go wrong while you’re pretending, then you’re doing it wrong. Contact me, I’ll help.

I hope this year will be another year of exciting manuscripts and contracts and new friends, new favorite books and authors. I hope my kids get on fire for words the way I am. I hope I help someone starting out on their path to publication in some way, encouragement, experience, anything. I want to see every dreamer reach their goal. I’m like that. People should smile more.

Well, that’s it for me. I’m writing this late on the 14th. I have a hot date with the Hubsy, a long morning of sleeping in tomorrow, breakfast in bed, shopping, hair doing, and a whole day filled with friends and cake and barbecue.

I’ll see you guys again on Monday :) !


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