Happy Release Day! Murder by the Seaside

Art by Harlequin 2013

Art by Harlequin 2013

Armed with a new counseling degree, Patience Price is eager to move back home to Chincoteague Island to help folks with their problems. But she finds the streets awash in more than East Coast charm. There’s been a murder, and Adrian Davis, the town golden boy who once stomped her heart into a zillion pieces, is the main suspect. Now he’s on the run, claiming he’s innocent. Patience finds this…poetic. Not that she holds a grudge.

Adrian’s mom is sure that with her FBI background Patience can find the truth. Yes, she was at the FBI—in human resources. Still, she looks into it, but not everyone is happy with her snooping. Either that, or the welcome wagon has some bold new policies involving drive-by shootings.

Things really heat up when a hunky former coworker, an actual FBI agent, arrives to help. But he may be too late; the quaint island harbors deadly secrets—and Patience is running out of time.

Advance Praise:

“I loved every minute of this delicious whodunit! Murder by the Seaside is one of those mysteries that grabs hold of you and won’t let go. From the sparkling landscape to the brilliantly drawn characters, Julie Anne Lindsey has created something very special! Plan ahead. You will want to devour this book in one sitting!”

-Darynda Jones, NY Times Bestselling Author of the Charley Davidson Series

Read An Excerpt:

A whistle slipped through Claire’s glossy red lips, and I followed her gaze. A man made of abs and handsomeness jogged across the street. Hoodie up, he looked our way. I smiled. He didn’t. Despite the short distance and a decade between us, I knew him. There would never be another set of eyes that shade of gray. None that made me drop my keys at the sight of them.

“Oops.” I dipped down to scoop the keys into my palm. When I stood, he was gone, but the strange look he’d given me seared into my brain. Not how I’d imagined our reunion. In my version, the ten years since high school would melt away and he’d be mine.

If I wasn’t still mad. Which I was.

“I’d move here just for that,” Claire said. “Do you think he jogs by at this time every day?”

“I hope not. That was Adrian.”

Eyes wide, Claire turned her head in the direction where Adrian had jogged away. “Well, he can’t go far around here. According to the brochure, this island is smaller than my closet.”

“Your closet is ridiculous. It’s the second bedroom at your apartment. For your information, Chincoteague is a full seven miles long and three miles wide.”


Across the street, laughter bubbled out of the Tasty Cream. A group of teens stumbled from the crowded ice cream parlor. Smiles on lips. Not a care in the world. Couples moving hand-in-hand. Nostalgia hit me like a sack of bricks. The giant neon twisty cone sign transported me back to track meets and prom scandals.

“No one will bother the boxes,” I told Claire. “How about I buy you some ice cream for being wonderful?”

“Honey, if that was Adrian, I’m thinking you could use the ice cream more than me.” Claire raised an eyebrow. “Show me the way.”

Wide brown eyes followed my finger toward the Tasty Cream, their curved lashes nearly brushing her brows. Before we met, Claire had a stint playing a princess at Disneyland. She didn’t like to talk about it, but I bet she fooled her share of kids. I enjoyed reminding her she was immortalized in ten thousand family scrapbooks around the world.

“Adrian didn’t look happy to see me.” I said as we walked. Of course he wouldn’t be. “The last time we talked, I smashed a giant twist cone into his face. And shirt. And car.” I used to have a temper. Plus Adrian made me crazy.

The fact that he didn’t seem glad to see me bothered me and it shouldn’t have. My jaw tightened. He shouldn’t get under my skin anymore—I’d had a decade to detox.

Claire pushed huge, white sunglasses over her eyes and stepped off the curb. “He deserved—”

The bark of a siren cut her off. She jumped back into me and we toppled, knocking heads and dropping purses. What on earth? The sheriff’s cruiser tore past, lights blazing, siren screaming. Two dozen locals appeared from thin air before the car was out of sight.

“What the hell?” Claire hoisted herself up, dusting her backside and gawking at the flash mob gathered on the corner. “I thought you said nothing ever happens around here.” She collected her shiny yellow clutch and offered me a hand.

“Nothing does. Why do you think everyone’s outside staring?” I picked stray hairs out of my lip gloss. The wind blew dust over the pavement. A storm was coming. On an island the size of Chincoteague, even the small storms could be dangerous. I blinked into the sky. Still blue. A few lazy white puffballs lingered overhead, refusing to leave their post.

“I almost got mowed down by a sheriff.” Claire examined her manicure. “There’s grass under my nails. I’m going to need some fries to go with that ice cream.”

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