Help! I Can’t READ!!!!

MM900284065I’ve wandered into new territory. You may have noticed I barely blog these days. That will change now, temporarily, because I’m all caught up, ahead even, on my deadlines. It won’t last because there are always new deadlines. Anyway, when the deadlines amasses, I had no time to do anything. Just write. Just edit. My house is a disaster zone right now. It happens.

I went out to eat with a group following a book signing a few years ago. The authors didn’t have much to say about the books we were reading. They talked a bit about some books that wouldn’t come out for six months, but we didn’t know about those yet. At first I thought, “Wow. What a bunch of book snobs. You get a bestseller and suddenly you’re too good to read new releases? You ONLY read advanced copies now?” I did some mental eye rolling.

Now I know.

This is how the writing works.

You get a couple contracts and editors schedule your things in stages. One needs revisions (you won’t believe how many and you’ll wonder what they LIKED enough to buy it if it needs all these changes). Another editor will need line edits. If you find yourself with more than two publishers or several stories releasing in the same quarter, then you’ll be answering emails all day and wondering how they expect you to do the edits and revisions when you have to do all the other busy work, email stuff. But all that is good news. It means you’re moving forward. You’re doing it.

I’m not gonna lie. It’s all very exciting and overwhelms in delightful ways. BUT. What about the reading? Who has time for reading? When I’m not under a deadline, I have three books going all the time. Two paperbacks and a Kindle book. I only allow myself to read the Kindle book on the treadmill. It keeps me on there longer that way :) I haven’t been on the treadmill in a month! My ARC from NetGalley I loved so much is set aside for waiting on the kids at classes or to pick them up from school. I’m reading like 7 pages a day instead of 7 books a month. Wah! *cries* I MISS THE READING!! I want the reading! *face plant* *kicks feet*

Writers need books to fuel, regenerate and inspire them. Books are research and escapism. They fill my soul. My soul is totally running on empty. I’m just sayin.

So, enjoy that book you’re reading. Today may be the day you get your Call. Soon, the deadlines will come and you’ll be looking longinly at the books on your desk like me. But, today I’m caught up. It may not last long, but I’m embracing it. I will blog and then get on the treadmill and finish that super funny cozy mystery I’m reading. I may even make a trip to the library and then hit up B&N for whatever wasn’t in at the library on my mega list of awesome. Yeah. I need to go do that. Now.

See ya!

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