How He Found An Agent

I read a great article yesterday! It’s been on my mind since then, but I had a party to throw and my game was off. Now, I’m two cups in, gaining lucidity, and dying to encourage unpublished writers with what I read. OK, you all probably read it yesterday too. BUT, if you missed it…

You can catch the article here How Boyd Morrison found his agent. If you don’t keep up with Writers Digest, you should. Super Source!

Now, here’s what I came away with. Morrison, like us, was unpublished and on the hunt. So, he attended writers conferences. Writers conferences are full of writers (doy), some are published and some aren’t -yet. It’s a great opportunity to network. Then, there are speakers who will teach you something (hopefully) every hour about the writing world. I’m scheduled (almost) to attend a small conference in a few months where I will get to hear first hand from those who know about writing in 2 genres, and about self promotion, and several other important topics. Plus, I will get to spend a few minutes one on one with an editor. Amazing.

OK, so Morrison says that we can send our query in email or on paper to as many agents as we want, but the impact will be higher if we aren’t anonymous. The psychology behind this is huge. When we put a face and personality with a work, it means something. Pitching the same words to someone (not in Ben Stein’s monotone) will always go over better than black words on white paper. How can you really separate yourself from the other 345 querys sitting in their inbox already? Much much more difficult. Wouldn’t you agree?

After attending writers conferences, Morrison received requests for partials that he hadn’t before, and eventually, he was seated at a table for dinner with an agent who loved his concept, requested a full, and now he calls her his agent. (She really is. He doesn’t just call her that. Not at all like my agent crush.).

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