I am losing my virtue

Seriously. If patience is a virtue, then I’m losing it (not that I ever had oodles of it). Lucky for me, its not the only virtue. I can cling to my better qualities, love, joy, peace, (skip patience), temperance, goodness, faith, meekness, self control. Those, I’m all over. Patience, is a skill that I’m having so much trouble with. Life is a series of hurry up and wait details. Writing is the epitome of that truth.

First, there’s the writing. I settle on a set of voices to quell, and I begin their story. For weeks I pour over it every minute. For months after that, I fine tune it and edit and polish. Then, for more months, I research agents and contact agents. Here we go, and then, I have to wait. Ugh.

While I wait on that, I often start another story or go back to an old one.  For me, the key is to stay busy. Today, I have a problem. You see, due to unforeseen and exciting opportunities, I have spent the past 10 days combing through 2 of my favorite stories, line by line. I wrote to agents who requested to see them, and I sent them off. Vats of coffee and a beginning ulcer later, I’m waiting.  What’s worse is that I entered my first online writing contest a while ago and it closed on May 31. So, the site says give it 1-2 months before they contact their winners. Wahhhhh? It hasn’t been a month yet? How. is. that.possible?

You see my dilemma here.  I am impatient, yet I am waiting to hear about a writing contest. I am waiting to hear from an agent who has requested a full YA Suspense manuscript. I am waiting to hear from an agent who has requested a full women’s fiction manuscript. I. am. waaaaaaaiiiiiiiting.

This is why I homeschool. Yeah. It’s for the kids, but lets face it, there is ALWAYS something x 100 things that I need to do to keep up with on that front. SO, until school begins Aug 2nd, I will start pulling together my lessons, worksheets, field trips, coordinating snacks, recipes, extracurricular activities and classes, games, etc. I’ll be busy, but I won’t be writing.

I need a trip to the library. I suppose that this is a great time to catch up on my reading. And wait.

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