I Cause Myself a Lot of Drama

I have trouble saying “No.” Sometimes, the way that you’re thinking, but mostly if I don’t want to, I just pass. I have less guilt since baby number three arrived. I feel more entitled to walk away from commitments. The way I figure it, at home moms around the world are already over committed, or at least outnumbered. So, if I say, “No thanks,” people understand.

What I meant was that I want to do everything. I love experiencing … life. Sure, I get overwhelmed and I can be crabby, but I am always thankful for the memories made. I juggle a crazy schedule because I hate to miss A.N.Y.T.H.I.N.G.

Now, I am at a point in my writing life where this is an issue. If you are following my plight to COFW conference this fall, then you know that I am already in the throes of rewriting an para rom, which I think I am failing at. I want to be ready to pitch it to an agent during my pitch session. So, this is a big deal.

Blogging, FaceBook and Twitter also require my fingers to stay busy on the keys. I’ve been entering online contests, following agent blogs and I even had the opportunity to guest blog this week on Wow! Women on Writing. Fun! Fun! Fun! Not long ago I was tearing up the forums over at WriteOnCon too :) I just finished a plotting workshop online and I am waiting very impatiently to begin editing a manuscript which was signed with an agent this month.

Meanwhile, I found a critique group! Yippee! I’ve never had a critique group before! What an opportunity! Wait, what’s that you say? They are a Chic Lit/ Women’s fiction group? Oh. Hmm. I have part of one of those around here somewhere. Sure! I’ll join! It will be a great experience to get to know other writers, see their styles, hear their advice, learn, chat, write, FUN!

Ha! What am I doing? What can I say? I am Woman! Watch me Write!

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