I Want to Go to There

My favorite part of a shiny new year is hunting down places and events I can visit or attend. Aside from family vacations, I hit every Ohio writer’s conference and bookish event I can find. I also show up at random community events. Many of which are nowhere near my community. My love of books is in a tight race with my people watching obsession. We are sooooo delightfully odd, aren’t we? People, I mean. Not specifically you and me, but that’s probably true too.

So, I’m busy sending out my famous (at my house it’s totally famous) emails announcing my total competence and great enthusiasm for speaking and book signing. *Beams* Hey, it’s the less glamorous side of writing. Everyday can’t be me imitating a sloth wearing yoga pants and slurping coffee.  Sometimes I have to tell people I’m out here. If I don’t tell them, how will they know? Right? Plus, I really DO love speaking to readers, encouraging writers and attending those events. So, I send emails with love and my big foam finger “Pick Me! Pick Me!”

Too soon I’ll have to send emails to authors asking them to read my book, endorse my books, etc. THOSE are the emails I’m dreading. Writing to authors in my genre is like writing to huge celebrities and asking them to approve of me. This is terrifying and humbling and I don’t want them to hate me online for bothering them. I’m sure there will be posts about that whole nightmare coming your way soon.

Meanwhile, I hope you’ll consider seeking out local book events and attending some. Most are free. Stop in and talk to authors about their books and how they ended up there. Writers are so encouraging to those of us trying to get published. The connections you make with local writers are priceless. They’ll be your advocates when it’s your turn to sign :) Meet the reporters attending the events and read their review columns. Maybe one loves your genre. Get their card for the future. Meet the librarians. I so love librarians. Get out there and do some recon. It’s a nice respite from collecting rejections and staring at your manuscript. Look ahead. Think positive. Network now before you’re in a time crunch to get things scheduled and you’ll feel less like a salesmen when you have to contact them in the future because they know you already.

Today’s Takeaway: If you’re still looking for an agent or a publisher, know it will happen. Plan for the future. Assume the best. Don’t stop now. Your YES! is right around the corner.

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