I Want To Go To There

For years, Hubsy has saved vacation time until the end of the year. Then he takes every Friday off from Thanksgiving until the New Year AND the days between Christmas and New Years, sometimes the whole week of Christmas. The guy’s got vacay by the buttload. This year his company is doing a huge thing with computers and other stuff I don’t pretned to understand and he was told he can’t take the time off. Um, Hello, honey? It’s your wife, spilling our mundane but personal information online again. Anyway- he can roll it over. This means his normal buttload of vacay time will be an official crapton for 2013. This brings me to the title of this post….I Want To Go To There.

As you know, I like to drag Hubsy to all my writerly things and events and whatnot because it’s fun to leave the kids with Grandma. What? It IS. So, at his “roll over the vacay” news, I immediately began to search for all the conferences and parties I need to attend next year. There are so very many. Living in Ohio, I try to stay on the Eastern Seaboard because travel takes time and we normally try to fit things into weekends….not next year. Next year I think we need to do the big writers shindig in Maui. I’m defs hitting BEA and I’m attending Authors After Dark unless it’s the same week I’m taking the kids (yeah, we do stuff with them sometimes too ) to Disney. What can I say? I have an inner princess who needs to dance with Mickey every other year, plus, you know, the kids. I hear Malice Domestic is a must see and Bouchercon is making its rounds.

I’m a squeeing bouncing child over here right now. Where shall I go? What shall I do? Writer Cruise? Children’s Book Fair in Bologna? Where are you guys going? Because I want to go to there!

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