I’m in Writer Limbo

There comes a time in every writer’s life when there’s nothing to do. No “good” choice anyway. I am impatiently visiting this place now. I have a manuscript with my agent for review…she’s eyeball deep in tax forms. So, I wait. I have manuscripts for my March and April releases out with their respective editors. Who are editing. I am waiting. I have revisions with another editor. I am waiting for her response. I have a contracted manuscript with an editor. I am waiting. I have new pages out with a busy beta…guess what? I bet you know. You’re a quick study. I am waiting.

I tell you this so you know. You will always be waiting. It’s the writer’s life. We obsess and then we wait.





It’s a literal feast/famine situation. The odds my agent and at least two of those editors respond in the same 24 hours if highly likely. Then I will blog about how I am so underwater there’s no way humanly possible to get everyone everything they need in time and done well.  *rolls eyes* *puffs bangs*

Silver Linings for this season of the writer life?

  • My house is twinkling from all the time I have to clean right now.
  • I’ve organized everything to a very “Sleeping with the Enemy” extreme
  • My kids are getting daily baths again. LOL You think I joke, but being dependent on Writing-Mom to remember to feed them isn’t a great place to live.
  • I’m reinventing my style with all this time to shop for sexy heels and pinup dresses. Make-over? Yes, please!
  • I’ve lost 5 pounds this month because I’m too antsy to sit still long.  Writing makes me way chubby, yo.
  • Binge reading. <– deserves two bullets
  • Binge reading

So, if you’re waiting, don’t worry. This too shall pass……And come again. And again. It’s your new way of life. Congrats. LOL

Well, I’m off to regrout the shower

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  • Haha – Congrats on the makeover and sparkling house. Is that SIX projects in the works right now?! Wow. Makes me think I really need to get my butt in gear and get moving on the works-kinda-in-progress sitting in my docs. Kudos!

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