Insta-Love: Why I’m not a hater

I see tweets and blog posts more and more with angry, snarky, “I hate this whole book because it’s full of crappy – stupid insta-love junk.” Okay, that’s not a real quote. More like a paraphrase of many similar ones. Personally, I like insta-love. I don’t want to read it every day, in every book, but I don’t hate it. In a world so full of cynicism and grouches, I rather enjoy a good love-at-first-sight story. Whether everyone believes in it or not, sometimes that instant connection is there, two people are drawn to one another, can’t get enough of one another, become friends and love is building with every encounter. It’s just true. Don’t gotta like it. But I do :)

Insta-love is one more thing that gets my writer mind working. “What ifs” pop up at alarming rates until I need to know. If I’m reading it, I need to see that kiss, read that first “I love you” confession. If I’m writing it, I need to get through those scenes without short-circuiting my keyboard from the deluge of Julie tears. Insta-love is a nice, refreshing take on the normally grueling and heart wrenching process of finding a prince among toads.

As a reader, I find a need to switch up the order I read sometimes. Like I said, too much of one thing can make an otherwise astounding book feel a little “meh.” So, I set it aside and come back to it after I read a few stories where the heroines come to love the hard way. As a writer I do this too. My first romance novella, Bloom, had a hero and heroine with hardened hearts. They worked through it and fell in love unexpectedly. My upcoming novella, Love Blossoms, is very much an “I have always loved you” story where the heroine’s journey to love is easy. He’s always been there. She just took a while to figure it out. The third novella, Harvest of the Heart, is awful. The poor poor hero and heroine both are in very dark places. They aren’t right for one another – if you look at the facts. When they look at their hearts though….completely different story. It’s a tough one for me to read even now, a year after I first finished it. I love my characters, but I gave them a terrible road to travel.

I think the bottom line here is: You can’t put love in a box anymore than you can put Baby in a corner <–*shows age*

In my heart, there will always be room for insta-love as well as any other form of love, because love is what makes my little world all pink and cozy. Thoughts?

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