Intertwined and Pure

I am simultaneously reading Intertwined by Gena Showalter and Pure by Terra Elan McVoy. Lately, I haven’t started one of those “can’t put it down” books, so I decided to mix it up. A friend of mine often reads several books at a time, while I tend to obsess over just the one and rip through a book a day when I’m on a binge. Lately, I’m torn between reading and writing – the ultimate writer’s dilemma. So, I decided to read a bit. Our local library can’t keep up with demand, and I can’t afford to buy them all, so I went to the library and just picked. I picked 6 this time, all YA, and about 50 childrens.

Tandem reading is tricky across genres. You get really going in one frame of mind, then switch to another and your, (my) brain kind of says “Whaaaaa?” This is especially true when moving from Pure to Intertwined, let me tell you why.Pure is the story of a young Christian girl wearing a promise ring and cherishing it. For those who are not in the know, a promise ring isn’t like a pre-engagement ring. This ring symbolizes a promise to her family, friends, herself and God, that she will remain pure until she marries. It is all the rage with the Christian set. That may sound flippant, it wasn’t meant to be. It’s extremely interesting phenomenon, and I love it for what it is. A symbol of a promise made, a test of integrity, an always present sign for accountability. Love it. My heart flutters at the thought. Have you guessed the rest? She finds a hawty hawt boy, who kisses like a dreamboat and she is questioning her promise. Will her faith and integrity overcome her carnal nature?

OK, next, Intertwined is the story of a teenage boy with 4 other souls in his head that drive him nuts, though he isn’t nuts, and if he steps in a cemetery, the bodies rise and attack him. Of course, this means that he must behead them to survive, and when they bite him (and they always do) it poisons him and he suffers. Oh, and he’s about to fall in love.

Well, I love both books so far. The characters are fun and endearing (even the zombie killer).  In Pure we see a loving family and circle of friends. In Intertwined the voices in Aden’s head sort of fill that role. Either way, they are well developed and believable. Many of us have been in the position that the girl in Pure is in, so it’s easy to be nervous and wring your hands as she struggles. If I’m uncomfortable while reading, it’s a good sign that I am really into it. Intertwined has me rooting for the weirdo (I say that with love).

Well, I hope to finish these today and move back to writing because I have a GREAT YA mystery demanding to be inked. So, this strange July 5th holiday will be a Julie Anne readathon.

I’ll keep you posted on the Zombies.

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