It’s Frickin’ Cold.

It’s super-mega cold in Ohio. Like do-NOT-go-out-there cold. The yoosh. It’s January. Whatever. Best part about this weather? Reading. Reading under a softie blanky with a hot toddy or cocoa or tea. It’s lovely. And like any decent book addict, I stockpiled for the winter. My Kindle is sparking with joy. My TBR pile is taller than my 4 year old. I am happypants.

Cold days are great for reading. Cold nights are great for plotting. I’m enjoying the awful outdoor temperatures by holing up indoors with projects. For example: I decorated my office last week and only lost a few fingerprints to the hot glue gun debacle of 2013. I also added some new recipes to my repertoire, and I found a new author to pet and love.

Gemma Halliday.

I picked up a YA mystery of hers and devoured it. Next, I went to Amazon for more please.  There I discovered her High Heel Mysteries series which I also swallowed hole. THEN my local librarian pulled out a thriller from Ms. Halliday. *twirls* Finding a new author to read is like discovering my new favorite TV show, comfy sweater or designer shoes on clearance.

Thus far I am clearly winning at winter.

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