Killer Nashville, Here I Come! #WARNED

downloadAfter months of anticipation, Killer Nashville is finally here. I am beside myself with giddy enthusiasm. I started packing a week ago. The bookish things were easy: copies of my book, business cards, bookmarks, Sisters in Crime pin. Check. The clothes were another story. First I dragged out everything I own, don’t hate, and still fits. (Writing makes me fat, yo). Then, I narrowed my dresses down to six with heels and accessories, but I will only be in town for 4 days and 3 nights. So, I hung the outfits across my closet door and over furniture while I made the final cut. I never did. Couldn’t. Easier to take it all with me and figure it out in Nashville. While I was making that decision, I sorted the kids outfits into a pile so they can get themselves together easily and with as little drama as possible while grandma helps them to and from school Thursday and Friday. As for the weekend, they’re all on their own. I’m going to Nashville!

I have my hotel addy saved in my GPS app. I have my charger, kindle, laptop, and chargers, plus a stack of paperbacks on standby.

I’ve memorized the notes I have for my panel on Writing Suspense for Teens and Tweens. I will talk about my love of horror despite my fear of everything and also about the Reaper, the serial killer from my novel ie from my mind. Yeah. It scares me too, so I try not to think about it.

I marked a few holes in the conference itinerary where I can slip away and explore the local sights, sounds and food. I have an assignment from Shelf Pleasures to get some local pics. I take my assignments seriously *stage wink*

Killer Nashville is my first 2013 conference geared to mystery and suspense lovers/readers/writers. I love these events. I go to romance conferences, too, but my heart lies in scaring the pants off someone — which is not unlike some very adult romances I read this summer….okay I’m on a bunny trail. Hang on. *regroups* Coagulating with a few hundred mystery lovers is like being at a home away from home. I look around and know they get me. I imagine this is how I’d also feel at Comic Con if I ever get there. *laments*…bunny trail #2.

I better stop while I’m ahead. There will be posts and pics to come and if you follow me on twitter, I plan to tweet the event from my POV. So, good times :) Possibly the long road trip from Ohio, too. A girl’s gotta do something to pass time. Music and license plate lottery only gets me so far.

For more information on Killer Nashville, check out their website here: Maybe I’ll see you next year!

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