Killer Nashville, Here I Come!

downloadI love mystery and danger. I read cozies and write them and my fall YA suspense has some scenes that kept me from getting proper sleep for weeks. I love it! And I have SO many questions. Sooooo many questions. I need someplace to get information on police protocols and procedures. Who does what and when? And what if *this* happens? Does that change the process? My local police department has politely asked me to stop calling with my inquiries, so I had to think outside the box. Where else could I get the answers? I tried breaking some traffic laws in the hopes of getting pulled over, then I could ask the nice officer writing my ticket what happens after a video showing a murder is broadcast live and goes viral. Who do they call in to track the IP? IT Consultants? The FBI? The Marines? Castle? WHO? But while I worked out all the questions in my head, I ended up driving 30MPH instead of speeding my way to a ticket. Super Major Julie Fail.

Then I saw this: Killer Nashville.

“Killer Nashville’s 2013 conference will have over 60 sessions, 2 guests of honor, agent / editor / publisher roundtables, 7 distinct session tracks (general writing, genre specific writing, publishing, publicity & promotion, forensics, screenwriting, sessions for fans), 12 breakout sessions for intense study, special sessions, manuscript critiques (fiction, nonfiction, short story, screenplay, marketing, query), realistic mock crime scene for you to solve, networking with bestselling authors, agents, editors, publishers, attorneys, publicists, representatives from law and emergency services, mystery bingo, authors’ bar, wine tasting event, two cocktail receptions, guest of honor dinner and awards program, prizes, free giveaways, free book signings, and more!” <– copied from the Killer Nashville site at he link above

WHAT? KILLER NASHVILLE? A whole conference on killing? AND writing? Someone, please take me to there! Wine tasting? Forensics? YESS!!

And there’s going to be a CRIME SCENE!

“One of Killer Nashville’s most popular annual features is a crime scene staged by a Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) special agent. The crime scene is a compilation of real crime scenes the TBI has encountered. Attendees gather clues and try to solve the case. The person who best interprets the clues and solves the murder wins the Crime Scene Detective Award which is a free registration to the next year’s conference. If you’ve ever wanted to put on your sleuthing hat and try your hand at crime-solving, Killer Nashville can give you that chance.” <– copied from the Killer Nashville site at he link above

Well, guess who’s going to Nashville, people????? THIS GIRL!  I’m so excited. I have pages and pages of questions and lists of things I want pictures of and NEED TO KNOW. I can’t wait to talk with the TBI. I think my next murder will be in Tennessee! Boom!

Who’s coming with me?????

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