Lori Foster Reader & Author Get Together 2013

RAGTpicIt’s that time again! By far my most fun weekend on the conference trail for me. I think this is true because so many of my friends come to see me. I live in Ohio, so they clearly attend to see me. I get to squeeze all the people I tweet with all year long and read pages for and who slap my manuscripts into shape. I can SEE them. Like In real life!

This is my third year attending the Reader & Author Event. The first year was through the suggestion of romance author, Keri Ford, and the relentless suggesting of my beloved Nikki Brandyberry, romance review blogger. I wasn’t sure I belonged there since I don’t read much romance. Turns out, I was wrong. This conference is for all bookish people. It’s so energizing to be in a place where I’m surrounded with my people. Readers. Authors. BOOKS.

The Reader & Author Get Together occurs in Cincinnati, Ohio every June and lasts for three jam packed days. Different authors and publishers help sponsor the event to keep costs down and fun up. There are two book signings during the weekend, both are open to the public – if you’re ini  the area, come! 7-9pm Friday and 2-4 Saturday. If you’re lucky enough to land a ticket to the conference (they sell out in a matter of hours) the fee is a teny tiny $50. For the weekend. AND includes meals. I mean….come ON. My husband goes every year just for kicks, plus his other option is watching three kids alone, but you can’t even eat for a weekend at that price, so why not? The entire hotel bustles all weekend long. There are raffle baskets out the wazoo. There are author events, pitch sessions for writers, costume parties, Romance pictionary with Carina Press, sometimes photo booths. Sometimes male cover models. It’s nuts. So much fun. I can’t wait to see my friends in person and hug them so tight. Until it gets awkward. :)

I live tweet the weekend and Instagram it and FB it and generally swamp my social media with the fun. It’s a great time.  This year is bonus cool because I will participate in the Friday night book signing. AND Turquoise Morning Press is a sponsor and has a ton of fun reader events going on. I get to control the TMP board room for the first 15 minutes after I arrive. I am drunk with power. There will be S’Mores. That’s all I can say. S’Mores. Come see me Friday from 3:45-4pm ;)

At 4pm Friday I am thrilled to participate in a panel, adorably called, The Dirty Flirt. I don’t know what that means, but some of my TMP sisters sent me their pages to read. I’m looking forward to working with writers who want to brainstorm on Saturday morning and talking about Honey Creek books and I’m ready to absorb all the mischief and mayhem. I can’t wait. This is my happy time. I’ll post a recap with pics on Monday :)

I hope to see you there!

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