Love Blossoms Blog Tour Visits Christie Koester!

Today I’m traveling. LOL I’ve taken my show on the road and I’m blogging for a writer I LOVE, Christie Koester at Christie Koester Blogspot. Christie been my personal cheer squad was one of my first crit girls and she taught me SO much. Her advice spoke to me in ways other people’s advice didn’t. It sunk in and took root and honestly, I thank Christie for the fact I’m on this tour. She encouraged, advised and read my Honey Creek submissions pages before I ever had the nerve to hit send. I can’t thank her enough. EVER. I’m completely honored to celebrate my second novella in the Seeds of Love series with my fellow Word Nerd and super bestie!

Stop by and see me. All commenters will be entered to win a copy of Love Blossoms!

Love Blossoms by Me! Julie Anne Lindsey

Jillian thought she had everything she needed until Jackson walked through her door…

There’s a wedding coming to Honey Creek and the whole town’s preparing for the party. When Jillian Parker agreed to host a few groomsmen at her inn, she had no idea what she was getting into. One of those groomsmen is Jackson Tate, and he’s making her concentration completely impossible. He’s funny, fascinating, frustrating, and leaving in a week. Jillian does not have time for that level of distraction. With Jackson nearby, events to coordinate, a bride to please, and an ex-fiancé to dodge, her peaceful life’s getting crazy fast. With any luck, she’ll survive the week and put the whole thing behind her as soon as possible.

…But not if Jackson has anything to say about it.

If you’re in the mood for a sweet romantic read with a very happy ending, I hope you’ll visit Honey Creek. The sun is setting, bullfrogs are croaking and the crickets are singing, “Come on.” Sweet tea or hot cider. Fresh summer strawberries or crisp fall apples. You’ll find it there. And taking a trip to Honey Creek is as easy as Amazon : ) I hope to see you there!



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