Migraine Madness

I had a migraine yesterday. If you’ve ever had one then you know how odd the whole thing is. First of all, it’s not just a really bad headache. It’s like getting sick temporarily. For me, there are twinkly lights that slowly move in from my periphery to cover my entire view. My stomach gets so sick. I tremble a little. If I could sleep it would be great because they are usually over in a few hours, but I am so uncomfortable that I cannot sleep. That stinks. This has been my first migraine in the year or so since I have decided to attempt to get published.

Apparently the experience is much different for a writer. I spent the whole time reigning in my thoughts. I had a continuous flow of book ideas, most were scary. I guess that I go dark during a migraine. It was mildly disturbing really. Also, the thought of beginning a new book is terrifying. Didn’t I just polish and ship 2 off this week, like 2 days before the migraine. Good night! What has become of me? So, it was yet another epiphany in my new view of things. I wanted to share, and to warn. You may begin to see some creepy pages under novel excerpts if I can’t keep them at bay. At least the writing will help to pass the time while I am waiting to hear on those full requests!

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