Murder Comes Ashore is a Red Carpet Award Finalist and I’m Going to NOLA!

BTSawardfinalist_2014_webSo, I’m super stoked for the summer to arrive. Book two in my Patience Price Mysteries series, Murder Comes Ashore, received a five star review from BTS eMag last fall and thus, became a nominee for their Red Carpet Awards. When the voting ended, I got more news: Murder by the Seaside is one of three finalists and all finalists are encouraged to attend the Red Carpet Awards in New Orleans!

AH!! NOLA is one place in America I’ve been in love with all my life, but never visited, despite several attempts. Life has interrupted my dream trip since spring break senior year (college). It’s ridiculous, really. BUT not this time. This time, I’m GOING. I’m obsessed, even plotting a book based on the local lore. I can’t explain how excited this makes me, but I can tell you about the event and encourage you to join me. JOIN ME!EasterEgg8

The Red Carpet Awards are part of a weekend-long reader event: ARC Author & Reader Convention. Readers get in for $15. Seriously. For $15 there are nonstop opportunities for fun with other readers and authors all weekend long, beginning Wednesday July 29th.

I’m still six months away from the event and already have plans to join readers and authors for a Haunted New Orleans tour, a Haunted Pub tour, breakfast with
BTS eMag directors and a Midnight Ball. I mean….SERIOUSLY.

Check out the link and make plans to hit NOLA with this girl. Heaven knows I could use the supervision.

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