My First Vlog — It’s Ridiculous. Just So You Know.

This weekend I had the most amazing time in Columbus, Ohio at the Central Ohio Fiction Writer’s Conference. This was my third year attending and every year I have so much fun. This year I met fellow tweeter, writer and YA addict, Leah Anne Kopans, as well as one of my favorite teen readers, Alexa Hirsch :) We met at Jeni’s Ice Cream and Leigh Ann surprised me with an impromptu vlog. SO, here it is….it’s all kinds of silly and not well organized…that’s how impromptu goes…sometimes planned things go like this for me too, but this time it really wasn’t planned. Also, there was ice cream involved and as we’re inside an ice cream shop…the sound quality is meh-to-awful.

Thank you Leigh Ann and Alexa for coming to see me!!!! Thank you dedicated Jeni’s workers for letting us goof off a while and thank you Hubsy for always indulging my crazy :) Muwah xoxoxo


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