My Kid Wants Trash for Christmas…

I proudly announced yesterday that I finished my Christmas shopping for one of my kids from the comfort of my couch and PJs. I’m still reveling in the joy. I love when I stumble onto a sale I need. I asked my kids ages 4, 6 & 9 to start thinking about what they might want for Christmas. The 9 yo wants one little tiny thing…an iPad3. *mouth drops* *eyes bug* Cha-ching. NEXT please. 6yo tells me he wants Trash Packs. He wants “A Trash Pack Christmas” meaning only those toys, all of them! Hey, my kids each think big in their own way. 4yo daughter wants pink sparkly things. No problem.

For those of you blessed enough to have never heard of Trash Packs, they are little squeezy figures about the size of my thumbnail that come in tiny trash cans. Right. Well, guess what? You can collect them all! LOL. Lucky, lucky ME. My daughter collects Squinkies that look like tiny princesses and pretty things. Son collects rubber garbage. You can get a 6 pack of trash cans and 12 collectible pieces of trash for  only $10-$12! But wait — there’s MORE! You can buy accessory toys to go with your new trash and set of tiny garbage cans. Have you guessed WHAT accessories? Let me tell you. You can get a Garbage Truck. A Dumpster. And a Street Sweeper. *hangs head for our future.*

I keep a few Trash Pack items in my Amazon shopping cart. The prices never change. The big items, truck, dumpster & street sweeper are around $25-$30. Well, that’s not happening for me. BUT after hearing his excitement about the possibility of a Trash Pack Christmas! I checked Toys R Us. I always have his little cutie (big mouth) sister with me since she’s 4. She’s home allllll the time and the kid sees all, knows all, TELLS all. So, I kinda hoped Toys R Us didn’t have a deal so I didn’t have to make a trip there with my sweet daughter who wants to move into the big dollhouse and never-ever leave when we go. It was my lucky day. Turns out, those ugly trash toys were all on sale. The big items were only$15. If you bought one item, you got a choice plushie for $5 instead of the ususal $20 (daughter LOVES plushies) and if you bought some other thing, you got a free something or other that looked like a boy toy AND if you spent $49, Free Shipping.


So, I am the proud owner of over $50 of new trash, being delivered for free, & well in advance of Christmas. I love it. He will love it. I am so thankful for the Internet. Toys R Us is on my *Avoid at all costs* list everyday, but especially between now and January. Lucky me, I got all the benefits with none of the hassle. Boo-Yah! Winning. Winning. Winning. (If you call buying trash winning.) Funny how parents will say things they never imagined they would. Like, “Don’t lick your brother!” LOL.

Anyone else Christmas shopping yet?

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  • Hehe. I’ve been Christmas shopping for a while now. Things have to be spread out when you have teenagers asking for the moon, the stars, and maybe a few obnoxiously expensive electronics for under the tree. As if we can afford their hearts’ desires when they are eating us out of house and home!!! ;-)

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