My Love Affair with the Bookmobile

I am one lucky girl. The Ohio public library system is phenomenal. We have numerous amazing programs for readers and writers. I’ve had the honor of speaking at several this year and have basked in the awesome of many other visiting authors over the years. My children grew up on preschool story hour and my mother in law and I attend ladies night out quite frequently too. All wonderful Ohio library programs. I am a library fangirl. I love my local librarians, know a few from each of several locations by name, but my favorite is the librarian who meets me every Tuesday night on the Bookmobile.

The Bookmobile (for those who aren’t familiar) is a tiny library on wheels. It visits schools during the day (and school year) and random locations throughout the community in the evenings. Once a week, my family and I drive to the local strip mall and climb aboard. The librarians there don’t even ask for our library cards anymore. I’m like a fixture. I love it. I try to show them I love them by bringing iced coffees or ice cream in the summer, sometimes hot chocolate in the winter. They make me oh-so-very-very happy.

All week long, I spot books online I must-must-must read, then I log in to the library and make my request. Voila! A few days later, they are waiting for me :) Best deal ever.

I grew up on the Bookmobile and I plan to continue visiting until I am too old to drive and can’t find someone to take me. At which point, I will make a request they add my old age home to their list of stops. The Bookmobile is a staple in our community. Ohioans are lucky to have this wonderful opportunity. I wish it was available to everyone.

One day, if I ever have the money, I vow to rent a big tour bus, fill it with books and travel the country doling out free books to anyone who will stop and see me and my very own bookmobile.  This is a dream of mine. Corny? Maybe. But who doesn’t love a road trip? And one where I get to giveaway books? WINNING.

Mark my words, folks, if every I have the cash. This I will do.

How about your neighborhood? Do you have a local Bookmobile?

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