New Cover Art! Love Blossoms :)

About a year ago, I joined the Turquoise Morning Press family where I write sweet romances and plot to curl toes of readers everywhere :) I contracted a three novella series of sweet romances for their upcoming Honey Creek line of books. Honey Creek Books share the same small fictitious town in rural Ohio. I fell in love with the concept of centering multiple genres inside this town, sharing secondary characters and geography. And I was blessed to be accepted into this line. Today I have three novellas and two novels coming to Honey Creek! The novellas come in 2012. The novels in 2013. No matter what else I write, or where I go in between, my heart always comes back to Honey Creek.

My debut novella, Bloom, kicked off the Honey Creek line in February. The second installment in my Seeds of Love series arrives the first week of September.  Love Blossoms. I sigh just thinking about the short glimpses we get into the lives of characters discovering love, overcoming troubled hearts and moving past broken ones.

I found the new cover in my inbox and couldn’t wait to share it. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I think this picture tells many more. It’s perfect for this love story. It starts with a wedding, an inn and a love that waited a decade to be spoken. What a lucky girl my heroine is! Almost as lucky as me. ;)

Love Blossoms by Julie Anne Lindsey

Jillian thought she had everything she needed until Jackson walked through her door…

There’s a wedding coming to Honey Creek and the whole town’s preparing for the party. When Jillian Parker agreed to host a few groomsmen at her inn, she had no idea what she was getting into. One of those groomsmen is Jackson Tate, and he’s making her concentration completely impossible. He’s funny, fascinating, frustrating, and leaving in a week. Jillian does not have time for that level of distraction. With Jackson nearby, events to coordinate, a bride to please, and an ex-fiancé to dodge, her peaceful life’s getting crazy fast. With any luck, she’ll survive the week and put the whole thing behind her as soon as possible.
…But not if Jackson has anything to say about it.

Cover art always makes me smile. I think this one sets up the super sweet romance inside. Huge thanks and love and hugs to my wonderful boss lady :) for telling my story with just one pic.

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