New Release! Harvest of the Heart

I’m excited to announce the release of my newest sweet romance novella, Harvest of the Heart. This is the third and final installment in my Seeds of Love series. I love this story the most. (Truth Notice: I say this about every new story, and its always true). Honey Creek is as real to me as my own town in Reality-Ohio. My series of shorts ended, but don’t worry. I have two print length releases coming to Honey Creek in 2013. I’m not done playing cupid just yet. If you enjoy a sweet romance read, I hope you’ll pick up a copy of Harvest of the Heart. When you do, I hope you smile. 

Harvest of the Heart by Julie Anne Lindsey

Savannah James thought heartbreak ended her story, but she was wrong.

Savannah’s new neighbor, Isaac Mason is making her crazy.  One minute he drops by to say “Hi,” and the next minute he walks away without a goodbye. The hot and cold is killing her and so is the intrigue. Now the town’s youngest recluse is coming out of her shell, and folks are taking notice. For the first time in five years, she’s pushing her tragic past aside to focus on someone else.

What she finds may send her back into hiding.


Excerpt from Harvest of the Heart

The dam stood before them, stretching into the night. Water roared at their feet, spitting white foam into the air. Together they climbed the rocky edge, onto the cement, and finally landed at the top. Savannah dropped the small white bag beside her and grabbed the safety bar with both hands. She swung her legs over the dam’s edge and rocked the edges of her skirt smooth beneath her. Isaac folded himself lithely beside her.

Stars peeked one at a time through the deep navy and gray sky. The lodge looked like a child’s toy in the distance, the crowds barely recognizable. Rows of tables and lines of vendor trucks sprinkled the area near the lake. They were little more than purple shadows in the night, but Savannah knew them all. She’d spent many nights overlooking the Friday night set up of Happy Apple.

“You’ve got to tell me. What’s in the bag? And am I an accomplice to petty theft?”

“You saw nothing. You know nothing.” Savannah opened the bag and pulled two apple fritters from inside. One fork and no napkins.

“That was Grace’s family’s truck. I’m good for the money.”

Isaac’s smile lit the night. On cue other lights began to tick on. One by one, the rows of twinkle lights spun through trees and light posts flickered on. All the purple shadows snapped to life under the soft white lights.

Savannah pressed a plastic fork into the crisp outer shell of one fritter and pushed the tines in deep. Isaac’s lips parted. She moved the fork into his mouth with care, trying not to poke him when her hands began to shake. His waiting lips distracted her thoughts and fogged up her head. The next bite went to her. She shoved it in to keep her lips busy and hoped the lighting where they sat covered her blush.

“What are you thinking?” he asked.

Savannah pressed her lips tight. “I’m thinking this is the best night I’ve had in longer than I can remember.” Her eyes drifted over to the lodge, the people she loved and respected standing outside. Pride and belonging surged up from her stomach, and she wanted more than anything else to present Isaac to them.

“You have a little apple there.” Isaac leaned toward her. One warm thumb drifted over the corner of her mouth, and she inhaled.

Her eyes shut. His warm lips touched hers, and she was home.

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