Not Your Usual Suspects

I’m excited to have my first post up on Not Your Usual Suspects blogspot. Not Your Usual Suspects is a blog where Carina Press Mystery and Romantic Suspense Authors hang out, chat, share and blog together. I’m beyond excited to be there. It makes my Carina contract feel *that* much more real, more official.

My debut cozy mystery arrives in early October. I’ve come through a ton of firsts for this book already. I’ve learned the exact release date is October 7th. I’ve worked through my editorial (read as Revision) letter. I’ve done edits and am awaiting copy edits. Last week I got my first peek at the back cover copy. Things are moving right along. It’s happening. I say it, but my brain is still all hipster cool, like whatever. Until things like today happen and my face is on the blog wall with other Carina mystery authors. Then I get all stupid happy.

I can’t wait to share the back cover copy with you and to soon get a peek at my cover. In fact, that’s kind of what I blogged about over at Not Your Usual Suspects. You all know how hooked I am on Pinterest. I use it for inspiration while I write these days. When the cover art folks emailed looking for help with nailing the cover, I did my best to answer and then I directed them HERE. To my Murder by the Seaside Inspiration Board.

You see, Hubsy? All the time I spend on Pinterest IS handy….sometimes LOL. <— Bunny trail thoughts….

Anyway :) If you’ve got another click in you today, come see my debut blog post at Not Your Usual Suspects and be super surprised when you see it’s not actually about writing or mysteries. See you there!

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