Ohio Author Day at Hudson Library & Historical Center

imagesYesterday, Ohio celebrated it’s authors with Ohio Author Day and I was lucky enough to participate in an event at the Hudson, Ohio Library and Historical Center. Hudson’s library is absolutely beautiful. The staff are angels. I love going there for any reason, but Author Day is fast becoming my favorite reason. They spoil us there, readers and writers alike. We had pizza and cookies and coffee galore. I think I drank a commercial vat of it all by myself. The room was packed at many times throughout the day and I met so many fascinating people.  I love to people watch and of course I tweeted live as I went.

I met an author from my hometown and told many about my local writer’s guild. My lovely new friend, Maria V. Ciletti, sat beside me and we had fun people watching. She writes romance and lives in Niles. I met an author who remembered something I said on an Ohioana author panel last May. THAT felt good. Panels matter. People remember you. Who knew! Also….super glad I didn’t say something super stupid, or at least am thankful she forgot that part. I met an author who works with PBS on various shows. We talked about how strongly I feel on the topic of girl power.

I spoke with a number of highly interesting people, but really, what else is expected at a book fair? Readers and writers are the face of IMG_20130420_124856_189diversity, both in the physical and intrinsic senses. There were books there I’m dying to read like Guido Love. I laughed my head off at that. And Eat Your Way Across Ohio….yeah, that sounds right up this girl’s alley. For sure. I had the chance to thank Kathy again for all the work she does on this event each year and donate a copy of my March release to the library as well as tell them a bit about my YA suspense coming in September. Next year I’ll be in the children’s section!

Speaking of the children’s section….There was guy who sat in the empty author chair beside me IMG_20130420_143112_724about half way through the event. He had a bit of a grump face (really super) and he told me, while shaking his head, “The entrance to the children’s area smells like marijuana.” I suppressed the first thing that came to mind: Excuse me. I need to get to the children’s section. Later, I wondered if perhaps he should take a trip back there. He asked if I read crime fiction because he wanted to bounce an idea off me. I told him, I write cozy mysteries and he scoffed. I smiled. When I finally asked him what his book was about — since he’d yet to produce a book for his table beside me. He said: “No. I’m not one of you people. I just sat here for a minute.” To this I nodded, then tweeted and am still kind of cracking up. I wish I’d have gotten his name. He was a little like Grumpy Cat in a blazer.

IMG_20130420_141042_654I said all this to say…writers/authors, get involved. These things are great resources for writers and authors. They connect you with readers, local media, other authors you may be able to joint promo with at local events, book retailers, you name it. If you are bookish, make a point in finding others like you. You won’t regret it.

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