Online Articles and Heat

News! I recently replied to a call for writers at a site that I frequent, WOW! Women on Writing. Guess what? They took it. I’m stoked, and also apparently from the 1980s. Anyway, very happy and will keep you posted on this awesome opportunity.

Now, off topic, but increasingly important…it is HOT. Our air conditioning is out and I am close to catatonic. Its terrible and it reminds me of college. We studied studies (what?) on the effects of heat on personality. They were all so true. Heat makes me loopy, cranky, and sleepy. It’s official.

I’ve been flat on my back in front of a fan reading for days. The computer is too hot to be around. I actually think that I feel heat coming from the light bulbs. Yesterday it got up to 88 inside my house. Unacceptable. When I do sit down to write, I only want my poor characters to thump on each other. Disturbing. They just aren’t that kind of imaginary people. So, I will not write more than I must until I get some cooler days. For now, I sweat and veg, and murmur.

Except, not about my article for Wow! How fun is that?!

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