Outlining Tip #6 Use Color!

Today’s outlining tip? Use color!

Use Color !!!

•Outlines are great visual aids
•Enhanced by color
•Assign a color to like items
Red herrings are red
Romantic encounters are pink
Setting/senses are blue
Work or school is green
–Basic story development is black

Now that you have some ideas about what will go into your outline, consider using colors to increase the impact.

With color, outlines become a word graph.

Art by Harlequin 2013

Art by Harlequin 2013

Colorful Cozy Outline

Pulled from Chapter Ten: Murder by the Seaside outline

Run in w/high school soul mate/ murder suspect
–Establish depth of their familiarity and complexity of this relationship’s new dynamic
Parents arrive to take care of her
–Clean her home, cleanse her aura, driver her nuts
New day: Coffee, sunlight, refresh setting
New love interest got a lead on the case. Wants to help her. Plans to stick around town.
Chase new lead, refresh setting, garner new intel on victim’s business partner, plan a second visit to see him
•Heading home. Stopped by impromptu counseling session on sidewalk.
•Enters apartment: Kidnapped.

This is a reduced detail version of a chapter from my cozy. I thought an example would help make sense of my thoughts. Sometimes a picture is better than a thousand words or so I hear.

That’s all for today. I hope your outlines are beefing up to look like detailed synopses. Which is another great use for outlines! Many writers loathe synopsis writing. Well, if you have a well developed outline, you can use it as a quick reference guide to writing your synopsis. Boom! Another winning reason to outline :)

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