Outside the Norm. Wait. There’s a Norm?

Have you ever tried absolutely EVERYTHING to get something accomplished only to be denied. Again.?

This is my life. I have three kids and two hands. The odd are N-ever in my favor.

No matter. I’m the determined sort, and I believe there is a way if there is a will and I have will in spades. So, I often step back, reevaluate and do some grunting circa Tim Taylor. It’s not pretty. But, here’s the thing….if you want something bad enough, you keep going for it. I want to lose ten pounds. I never do, but I also keep trying (failing) and then trying some more. I want to be an awesome mom who my kids are proud of and want to be around. This part’s kind of easy. They still like me. They’re young. Give ‘em time. I also want to be a parent with impact. This one I don’t do so well. I’m consistent. So are they. I lecture. Lead by example. Punish when needed. They go straight back to chasing one another with a metal Shepard’s hook in front of the neighbors.

I guess there are things I can’t control. All I can hope is to plant seeds in my kids that will bear fruit one day, and when it does, they won’t throw it at people. As for writing? I just keep entertaining myself. If my story makes someone else smile, then its a double win. But, I can’t predict the next big thing any sooner than I can the lottery numbers or if today’s a day my kids will eat yogurt. I just keep doing the best I can at whatever I’m doing. Best advice my grandpa ever gave me? (He didn’t speak tons of English…this is what I remember) “Tomorrow’s a better day.”

So true.

Tomorrow is always a better day :) Keep going.

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