Query Critique From Snarky Agent Man? Holla!

Calling all writers with snark…

Well, what do you know? One of my all time favorite agent  bloggers has a delightful little challenge up this week. It seems that the fabulous agent GateKeeper (who keeps her name on the lowlow) and her fellow, less proper, more attitude, man-pal have challenged us. If you are not familiar with the daring duo, or worse, Getting Past the Gatekeeper, is not one of your regular haunts, then you must add it. I’ll wait.

Better. Now, it seems that Snarky Agent Man’s tude is in need of a tune up. GK would like us to help out. She would like to see general rejection letters written “from Snarky,” and in Snark’s personality, BUT, toned down. She believes in the best of both worlds. What can she say? She’s lovely. The fact that these two manage their friendship of yin and yang so well is inspirational, comical, and beneficial to the winner on FRIDAY. Right. Deadline is this Friday, so get busy. Snarky needs some good samples. (We are also welcomed to write a specific rejection letter based on Twilight, which they assure us he would have rejected).

So, take a break from the tedium of editing and your everyday writing agenda, switch it up, rev your creative juices, switch gears, and help a brother out. Even snarky agents need a little love from time to time. LOL.

As a side note: I vote that the winning general becomes his standard rejection letter for at least a month. Just Imagine.

Good luck!

You can read the details at Getting Past the Gatekeeper.

1 comment to Query Critique From Snarky Agent Man? Holla!

  • GK

    How nice of you!

    Yes, it’s amazing that Snarky and I get along so well. Perhaps it’s because he is well-intended (generally) and, when he is mean, it is with great panache.

    One can’t help but enjoy that.

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