#RAGT13 I Promised Pics ;)

happyauthor jalThis weekend was a blur. It was. From the moment I woke up on Thursday morning until sometime last night, I ghosted through my life. Well, no. Ghosted implies a degree of calm. I was more like Speed Racer sans car, or that little mouse who yells Andele! Andele! Arriba! Arriba! Only I did it in English because my Spanish sucks, thank you four years of college electives. I also did it in heels and with a schedule in hand screaming at the other places I needed to appear simultaneously. There were copious amounts of coffee involved. Which the Today Show says is a mental illness. I say, I don’t care, just keep it coming.

I didn’t get as many pictures as I planned. The hotel sucked the life from my phone with relentless tenacity. By Friday night I was carrying my charger around and plugging in anywhere I was staying more than a few minutes. BUT I did get some fun shots of me with old friends, new friends and my booty. No. My raffle basket winning – booty. Not my booty-booty, though anything seemed possible this weekend.

I helped Carina Press with romance pictionary. See what she’s drawing there? That’s my girl! Sell it sister! I met people I tweet with. I met IMG_20130608_201908_792readers who tossed my books aside, complaining “I want the dirty stuff.” I met a couple teens who made me say “book” then took my bracelets. Reader teens are crafty and competitive. Especially this one. Natasha and her mom made me smile a ton this weekend. I signed a few books, which always makes me feel IMG_20130608_094252_167 (1)odd. I saw glow in the dark juggling. I was pinned by Jules Bennet. I fawned over the drop dead gorgeous CL Parker and laughed with Darynda Jones until my sides hurt.

I spent a lot of time with my Turquoise Morning Press sisters and mah boss. On Saturday night there were awards. I mean, like working with that group of women isn’t reward enough, they gave out awards! There was Reader’s Choice, Most Prolific Author, etc. I won the Happiest Author in the Universe Award. Of course. Only you guys know what a crab I can be. I keep that face on the low-low and since only three of you read my blog, it’s our secret *slow stage wink* The pictures are numerous and silly so I will just plug them all in here like a scrapbook. Enjoy!




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  • elizabeth gray

    Loved meeting you, Julie Anne. Can’t wait to dive into Written on Her Heart. Hope to see you at RAGT14.

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