Reinventing Chloe — Cover Reveal! and Evolution of a Writer

Chloe_SMMy debut YA mystery is coming! This is one of those stories written early in my career and revised…and revised…and revised LOL! Reinventing Chloe was written about three years ago when paranormal was still king. The lovely Turquoise Morning Press, who gave me a chance in 2011 to write sweet romance for their Honey Creek Books line, took this on for me. One of many beautiful things about working with smaller press is that they take what they love with less concern about trends. I nearly died when they contracted it because I am a voracious YA reader and calling myself a YA author meant a LOT to me.

It’s fun for me to reread this today. My writing style has changed quite a bit in the last couple years. My voice hasn’t. I’ve always written in the hopes of making a reader smile. I handle that a little differently today, but the goal is the same. Thanks to this novel, I went on to rewrite another YA of mine 700 times and finally place it with Merit Press for release in October 2013. And because I loved Chloe so dearly, and the island is in my blood, I wrote a series of cozy mysteries with an adult heroine living in Chincoteague as well. Carina Press picked it up!

So, you see, this book, Reinventing Chloe, was the launching pad, the catalyst for other amazing things in my writer life, and she will forever be special to me.

I love the cover. Once again TMP has nailed the sass. Love it. How about a blurb?

Reinventing Chloe by Julie Anne Lindsey

When Chloe’s completely tragic life strands her in an East Coast nightmare, the smart, sassy Texas cheerleader sets her sights on solving a local murder. Sure, her new home has no Internet, her iPhone doesn’t get a signal and there’s no mall to be found, but Chloe’s navigating a new school, new job and a confusing new romance. Her life’s officially tragic and she’s freezing her peep toe pumps off.  She needs the distraction.

When her killer curiosity lands her in the cross hairs of a suspected murderer, things go from no fun to downright deadly. He’s determined to get Chloe off his case, but someone should’ve told him Chloe’s bully proof.

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