Resolutions Anyone?

I love setting personal goals. It’s my thing. I like lists and the little thrill that shoots through me as I cross off a mission accomplished. You can imagine how I love New Year’s Resolutions. With a whole year to get crap done, I go for the gold. I list everything I can think of. Some are repeats every year – things related to my faith, fitness and finances…the three Fs. I usually get a matching grade on those, but I list them because I aspire to do better. I don’t think missing the mark means I’m a failure. I think it means I’m human. If you haven’t guessed, I don’t take too much personally.

As I look at the Christmas wreckage around me, I know it will be cleaned up eventually. Whatever. It’s gift wrap not toxic waste. It’s tangible evidence my family is blessed beyond measure with an income to buy gifts and loved ones to give them to. My kids are healthy. My house is warm. (It’s a royal mess, but it’s warm and we have cookies!).

Last night, instead of cleaning, I finished a WIP and read a book. I thought about all the things that have come to pass this year and all the things ahead of me. I hope some will come in the next twelve months. So, I’m formulating my resolutions. Some I will nail. Some I will surpass. Some will be on the list again next year. No matter how 2013 goes, if my loved ones and I are together again on Christmas, I will have had another perfect year. Time on Earth is short, so I plan to make the most of my days.

A resolution post is forthcoming.

I’d love to hear what’s on your goal list for 2013. Writing Goals. Personal Goals. Big. Small. It’s good to push yourself. We always always always underestimate our capabilities. Whatever your goals – Go for them with gusto. After all, they are YOURS!

3 comments to Resolutions Anyone?

  • Writing goals are top on the list for me:
    1. Finish book 2
    2. Draw up a business plan – set more goals!

    Merry Christmas!

  • Me too! I get excited about the writing goals. I’m going to increase my reading goal too, I think! *gets all super excited*

  • Writing goals — I don’t DO other things :)
    1. Connect with a mentor.
    2. Write a novel (f’real, not “I’ll kinda do NaNo this year…”, but “finish ONE of the partially-written and outlined stories for once”)
    3. Sell (number I’m afraid to say in public yet) copies of “A Writer’s Bucket List” by end of 2013.

    I’ve never set a reading goal before, but I definitely should do that this year. Goodreads is a great help with that. Thanks for the idea!

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