Review: Covet by Melissa Darnell

Covet by Melissa Darnell

Dangerous to be together. Painful to be apart.

Savannah Colbert knows she broke up with Tristan Coleman for the right reasons. Most of all, to keep from killing him with her new vampire abilities. But try telling her heart. Now, lost in a sea of hostile Clann faces, Sav tries to come to terms with what she’s becoming and what that means for her future. And that someone is doing their best to bully her into making a terrible mistake.

Tristan can’t believe Sav won’t even talk to him. If being apart is her decision, fine. Just don’t expect him to honor it. But even as he prepares to fight for the girl he loves, forces beyond their control take them both in directions neither could have foreseen or prepared for.

A reckoning is coming…and not everyone will survive.

Thoughts by Julie ;)

Covet is book two in The Clann series by Melissa Darnell. I loved the first book, Crave. I wasn’t disappointed with Covet. Darnell has a unique ability to draw her reader into her world. Though it’s been some time since I finished Crave, I fell right in step with Covet. Her imagery is fantastic. Her characters are so real, it’s easy to forget they’re imaginary. Their struggles are heartbreaking and their love is toe curling.

In Crave, Savannah struggles to deal with her changing body, mind and life. She suffers loss and heartbreak. But she’s never weak. Always determined, she’s strong in the face of bullies, enemies and fear. I love this. Who hasn’t felt surrounded? Sav gets in there and resolves to stay her path. She’s amazing. Her true love, Tristan, is as endearing and lovable as ever. Despite the huge amount of time passing after their break up,  he doesn’t give up on them, doesn’t rebel against her, doesn’t lash out. He believes in them and that unwavering passion is inspiring to a romantic like me.

It was fun to see the transformation of Sav. In the first book, Tristan protects her many times, emotionally and physically. In this book, Sav’s strong enough for herself and for him. She’s inspiring. Filled with girl-power. And speaking of girl power, her friend Anne  steps up her game in this sequel. She’s more than a quick wit after all. Just as I suspected/hoped. Everyone needs a friend like her. Another reason I gave Crave 5 stars, Darnell expands the cast a bit, delving into who they are, enriching the story and creating endless possible story lines – which has me drooling already for the third installment of this series. This was an overwhelming, page turning ride. My emotions ran the gamut and I am hooked on The Clann Series.

Despite the fact this is another YA with vampires, the story is fresh, fun and powerful. I’m so glad I gave Crave a chance. It became one of my favorites in 2011 and Covet is one of those in 2012. It’s not about the vampires. It’s about the people, the tension, the choices. Beautifully done. I would recommend this to any YA reader. Fabulous read. Amazing ending. I can’t wait to see what happens next!

Finally, I want to thank Harlequin and NetGalley for making this title available to readers, early and at no cost. If you aren’t familiar with Net Galley, please check it out. It’s a wonderful resource for readers and authors alike. *Thank you*

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