Scholastic Books: A Back to School Tradition

My boys have been back to school for a couple weeks now, but it wasn’t until the Scholastic Book order form came home that fall hit me like a ton of leaves. I think my heart skipped a beat at the sight of the thing. I recognized it among all the paperwork in my 1st grader’s take home folder. I held it triumphantly overhead like the Lion King.

SCHOLASTIC! Who wants books?

The kids swarmed me and we all picked two new books for our library. My enthusiasm is finally rubbing off on them. My middle son is in love with Tim Arnold the author of the Fly Guy series. My 9yo opts for Pokemon and Superhero books. Sweet Little Miss wants everything pink. I don’t think she even looks at who it’s about. And me? I snap up a little of everything and stash them in my gift closet or away for Christmas. I’m still smiling from placing that order. So, it may still be hot as August in Ohio, but fall has officially arrived!

I now know my Scholastic orders benefit the school and classroom. As a kid, I had no idea. As an adult, I’m excited to help. The new order forms said for every order I place online, the classroom gets a free book! I love Scholastic so hard for this. What an amazing company. I hope lots of parents will take advantage, order a book online and get a free book for the kids’ classroom. Scholastic always has a $1 book. So, for a dollar, your kids get to read two books :) Win!

Wow. This wasn’t the way I intended this post to go! I was going to talk about fall and back to school and fostering a love of reading in my kids. Instead, it reads like an add for Scholastic. LOL Well, that’s how the blog post crumbles, or something like that. I do love this company, so I’ll levae this post alone and go write one for Monday about writing. LOL

Have a great weekend!

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  • Yes, my college alma mater, where I now work, has mini book fairs for the students, employees, and their families, but I still miss elementary school for the fact of the Scholastic newspaper being peeled off the bundle and handed out to each student. I would guard mine with my life! Yep, Scholastic helped me in many ways… Thanks for this article.

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