Setting up a Trailer Tour :) Join!!

TEST Art._DECEIVED_SL1000_I am thrilled to be buried in words lately. My baby writing career is rolling over and babbling and sometimes spitting up all over me. There are firsts on the writing front for me around every corner. I’ve had the golden opportunity to work with YA Bound Blog Tours this month. They are amazing. Professional. Upbeat. Fun. Thanks to their efforts I now have 45 stops in one week on the official DECEIVED blog tour. It was very exciting to see that come together and now I have a *few* promo posts to write and some giveaways to secure. Meanwhile, I’m in the whole blog tour mindset and I was thinking….I want to set up a tour too, but my tour will feature the glorious trailers made for me by brilliant Kent State University students.

Two industrious students, Brittany Blair and Matt Petrunak accepted my begging plea for help and have donated their time, skills, sweat and even their friends to my cause. Who does that??? Besides these completely angelic beings? And that brown eyed beauty in Matt’s trailer? Cynthia. *sighs* She’s such a delight. Truly.

So, this is how I want this to play out.  *Imagines a world of unicorns and rainbows….under attack by The Reaper* No. Not really, but that is interesting *taps chin*

Leave me a comment here if you’re interested in hosting the trailers on your blog. I’ll get the link, art, blurb and excerpt to you asap and we’ll launch the trailer tour in September. Blog hosts/hostesses receive a PDF of DECEIVED and my undying gratitude. *Full disclosure: the market value isn’t awesome but won’t you feel great about helping a fellow word nerd?* Commenters on your blogs who leave a comment about either trailer are entered to win a prize package — which I’m working up under cover of night and a cloak of invisibility.

Okay. That’s my spiel. Who’s in?

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